Clouds 4 G

Clouds 4G


  • GIS administration, design and implementation
  • Spatial data management
  • Web map services and map clients configuration and programming
  • GIS analysis, data processing, programming, maps creating
  • Spatial data formats, OpenGIS standards, data conversions
  • Coordinate systems, transformations, map projections and datums
  • Geomatics, land surveying, GPS
  • GIS for emergency management
  • GIS solutions for local governments
  • GIS for rescue systems
  • Research and development
  • Mining and environment
  • Upgrade from desktop GIS to web GIS technologies
  • Conversions between different GIS platforms and solutions (Esri, Open Source, other)
  • Esri technology (ArcGIS Server, ArcGIS Desktop, ArcSDE, Geodatabase, 3D Analyst, ModelBuilder, Python scripting, ArcGIS API for JavaScript)
  • Open Source products MapServer, GDAL, OGR, PostGIS, QGIS, NumPy, Matplotlib,...
  • Linux, Windows
  • DBMS (PostgreSQL, SQL Server)
  • Python, JavaScript, C++, PHP, SQL
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